Basque Government

Departments - Economic Development and Infraestructures

Functions and areas of activity

  1. Industrial politics and corporate competitiveness.
  2. Innovación and technology.
  3. Information and Knowledge Society in the Basque society, without prejudice to the actions related to the use of the new technologies in the Administration and Government.
  4. Industrial and corporate internacionalisation.
  5. Energy and mines.
  6. Craftwork.
  7. Farming and livestock ordinance and promotion.
  8. Countryside development and its economic diversification.
  9. Livestock and mountains.
  10. Hunting and continental fishing.
  11. Fishing.
  12. Farming, fishing and feeding industry and commercialisation.
  13. Forest first transformation industry.
  14. Processed food politics: certificate of origin and quality control of the processed food.
  15. Viticulture and oenology.
  16. Farming and nautical-fishing training.
  17. Farming and oceanographic investigation.
  18. Railway.
  19. Road infraestructure.
  20. Ground, maritime, fluvial and cable transportation.
  21. Heliports and airports.
  22. Ports and maritime matters.
  23. Run the Autonomous Bodies, private law public entities and public partnerships assigned to the Department.
  24. All other power allocated to it by law and regulations.

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