Basque Government

Departments - Employment and Social Policies

Functions and areas of activity

  1. Employment politics and profesional training for employment.
  2. Promotion of the social inclusion.
  3. Coordinating work life and family life.
  4. Community develpment.
  5. Social welfare and social services.
  6. Family counselling.
  7. Childhood.
  8. Youth.
  9. Promotion of the conditions which make affective-sexual freedom easier.
  10. Immigration.
  11. Voluntary work.
  12. Run the Autonomous Bodies, private law public entities and public partnerships assigned to the Department.
  13. All other power allocated to it by law and regulations.

The following are assigned to this Department:

  1. The autonomous administrative body Lanbide, the Basque Employment Service,
  2. The foundation Hobetuz - Fundación Vasca para la formación profesional continuada

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