Basque Government

Departments - Revenue and Economy

Functions and areas of activity

  1. Audit the economic activity of the Basque Autonomous Community Administration.
  2. Economic planning of the Government in medium term.
  3. Economic studies, situation and economic forecasting.
  4. Regional politics and communitary funds.
  5. Defense of the free competition.
  6. Financial politics and relationships with the financial entities.
  7. Social security entities.
  8. Indebtedness, providing guarantees and General Treasury of the Basque Country.
  9. General Budget of the Autonomous Community.
  10. Economic Accord, Quota (Cupo, given to the State) and Contributions given by the Provinces.
  11. Evaluation of the competencies or/and services which have been transferred to or from the Basque Country Autonomous Community, the State Administration and other Territorial Entities.
  12. Tax Revenue in the Administration of the Autonomous Community and ruling of the economic-administrative claims.
  13. Patrimony.
  14. Contracting.
  15. Management of risks and insurances.
  16. Communication and relationships with the media and also institutional relationships with the Basque Parliament, the Regional Governments, the local authorities and other Departments of the Basque Government.

The following are assigned to this Department:

  1. The autonomous administrative bodies Euskal Estatistika Erakundea / Instituto Vasco de Estadística (EEE/IVE), the Basque Institute of Statistics and the Basque Jurisdiction Authority;
  2. The public body operating under private law, Instituto Vasco de Finanzas (Basque Institute of Finances).

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