Basque Government

Departments - Work and Justice

Functions and areas of activity

  1. Execution of the labour law in the point of labour relationships.
  2. Social economy: cooperatives, labour capital companies and supportive economy.
  3. Corporate social responsibility
  4. Social Security, according to which is established in the Statute of Autonomy.
  5. Relationships with the judiciary branch.
  6. Provision of resources for the working of the Administration of Justice.
  7. Penitentiary stablishments.
  8. Under age offenders, without prejudice to the competencies of the Employment and Social Politics Department.
  9. Designation of Public Notaries and Property Registrars.
  10. Guarantee, in the area of the Administration of Justice, of the exercise of the citizens´rights established in the 10/1982 Law, 24th of November, related to the standardization of the use of the Basque language.
  11. Driving the Modernization of the Judicial and Public Prosecutor´s Office assuming functions in order to improve the quality of a modern, quick and effective judicial system, which includes the use of the new technologies.

The following is assigned to this Department: The administrative autonomous body Osalan, Instituto Vasco de Seguridad y Salud.

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