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Open Budgets

Open Budgets



At present this is an initiative to enable the general public to directly voice their concerns, wishes, priorities, recommendations and suggestions in each budgetary year as the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council draws up its budgets.


The Department of Citizen Participation explains the objectives and contents of the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council’s budgets to the general public. This is done by sending an envelope to every household in Gipuzkoa in order to compile proposals by local residents.

Following a technical analysis of all the proposals received, they are transformed into plans, and local residents are allowed to vote. Conferences are arranged to this end in most towns in Gipuzkoa.

The open conferences have public spaces (marquees, meetings at a number of venues etc.) to provide the general public with information on the budgets planned by the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council, and draw up proposals to be added to them.


Reception of proposals drawn up by local residents.

Technical appraisal of the proposals, and transformation into plans.

In situ meeting and explanation in most towns in Gipuzkoa of the annual plans for the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council’s budgets.

Preparation and fulfilment of the protocol for selection of the proposals drawn up by local residents.

Selection of proposals that may be included in or added to the budgets, and implemented within the budgetary framework.

Preparation of an Annual Report on the Open Budgets Initiative.

Information for local residents through various channels on the annual outcome of the Open Budgets Initiative.

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