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Digital Gastronomy Gipuzkoa

LABe, Gipuzkoa's Digital Gastronomy Strategy

Gipuzkoa is now a major gastronomy benchmark. But will it maintain its status in the years ahead?

LABe is Gipuzkoa's digital gastronomy strategy Based on experimentation, the main focus of this initiative is to promote transformation of the gastronomy sector in Gipuzkoa in order to make changes to the industry of ingredients and home-made produce. It also intends to bring to the fore family businesses providing complementary services, and identify new areas of business based on the potential offered by technology, while continuing to train today's agents in these new fields.

Gipuzkoa is now a major gastronomy benchmark. But will it maintain its status in the years ahead?

The technology boom we have been experiencing over the last decade will bring a total revolution that will affect all economic sectors, including cookery.

We want Gipuzkoa to maintain its status as a worldwide benchmark of gastronomy in the 21st century, in terms of quality, healthy food and sustainability, capable of availing itself of new technology to provide solutions and new business models.

Implementation of LABe by the Etorkizuna Eraikiz initiative alongside industry and the catering sector and the Basque Culinary Center aims to move ahead of the future challenges that lie ahead for gastronomy, to boost the use of new technology throughout Gipuzkoa gastronomy's value chain.


Gastronomy 4.0

Objectives of the LABe Strategy

  • To boost the digital transformation of catering and ancillary services.
  • To develop knowledge in relation to digital gastronomy and new management models.
  • To guarantee the socialisation of this knowledge within the sector.
  • To spread awareness and be proactive in assisting the development process.
  • To boost the identification of the new demands of professional users and development of solutions for the industry.
  • To promote new solutions and businesses relating to gastronomy through the application of technology.
  • To generate top-quality jobs.
  • To consolidate the cutting edge of our businesses.
  • To identify new needs and implications in terms of infrastructure, equipment and needs of the new business models.

LABe, Digital Gastronomy Lab

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