What is Gipuzkoa talent?

The GIPUZKOA TALENT initiative is promoted by the Diputación de Gipuzkoa (Provincial Council) to promote and favour human capital in the province and connect it with companies looking for talent to assume future challenges. The initiative seeks to attract, recover and retain professionals who are highly qualified in different business fields.

The initiative is part of a framework of collaboration between the Department of Economic and Territorial Development of the Regional Council of Bizkaia (DFB) and the Department of Economic Development, Rural Environment and Territorial Balance of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa (DFG) signed on 25 January 2018 to focus on advanced entrepreneurship and talent management and align action and work policies for the design and development of joint programmes. The development is supported by the Association for the Mobility of Persons Qualified in Innovation and Knowledge-Bizkaia Talent (a non-profit organization started up 2005 as a public-private collaboration and promoted by the Regional Council of Bizkaia), which has been working with the Regional Council of Bizkaia in this area since 2005.

How much does it cost to benefit from the services provided by Gipuzkoa Talent?

The specific services and programmes of Gipuzkoa Talent are free.

The exception lies in the activities indicated as specific, such as networking activities with professionals outside the Basque Country (in which the organizations pay their travel and accommodation expenses), or leisure activities for the integration of professionals (visits to museums, excursions, etc.).

What do I have to do to benefit from the advantages and services of Gipuzkoa Talent? Who do I contact?

The procedure is very simple, fast and free. If you are interested in any Gipuzkoa Talent service, please do not hesitate to apply for it. The only requirement is to be registered on our website.

If you have any questions or problems, you can contact us at mireia.azpiazu@bebasquetalentnetwork.eus or call us on 627 78 08 40 and we will help you.

What information do I have to provide to register?

The information we ask for is basic: name of the organization, tax number (CIF), type of company, business sector, address and telephone number. You also have to give us the details of a contact person at your organization.

After we have confirmed your data, verifying that there is no error, we will activate your account in Gipuzkoa Talent and you can apply for any of the services we have available.

Is the information provided to Gipuzkoa Talent confidential?

For the processing of personal data, Gipuzkoa Talent complies with Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Personal Data Protection. Any personal data obtained through the web, which is the main tool used for communications between candidates and Gipuzkoa Talent, will be entered in the files owned by the organization. The files are duly registered with the General Registry for Personal Data Protection according to the security measures provided in Royal Decree 994/1999 of 11 June.

Is Gipuzkoa Talent a recruitment consultancy?

No. On the one hand, Gipuzkoa Talent acts as an intermediary between enterprise, university, CCTTs, clusters, and R&D centres and units in general for the provision of services aimed at facilitating the identification, access and incorporation of highly qualified professionals who reside in the Basque country or abroad and for the provision of services to facilitate the transfer and adaptation of professionals and researchers residing abroad who are interested in working in Gipuzkoa.

On the other hand, Gipuzkoa Talent registers the professional profiles in our database and sends them to the aforementioned players if they meet the desired profile.

Is Gipuzkoa Talent an agency for innovation?

No. The Gipuzkoa Talent initiative aims to promote the necessary conditions in Gipuzkoa to attract and retain professionals qualified in innovation and know-how. The management of talent and human capital of Gipuzkoa requires a management model focused on two closely related areas: people and projects.

People. This is based on identifying innovative, entrepreneurial and research talent fundamentally to meet the needs generated by technology-based projects and the creation of knowledge. In this way, Gipuzkoa Talent actively promotes the recruitment of identified talented professionals. This leads to the design and creation of an individualised offer that meets the professional and personal requirements for talent and the future needs of Gipuzkoa.

Projects. The aim is to make Gipuzkoa an attractive location for the development of stable business, personal and professional projects, developing innovative talent with other public and private organizations.

Does Gipuzkoa Talent provide financial aid for researchers and/or professionals?

Each year, the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa announces a line of fellowships (FELLOWS Programme) focused on supporting the incorporation of researchers who have received post-doctoral training in research groups of international relevance to Guipuzcoan centres of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network.

Does Gipuzkoa Talent offer help to relocate my spouse?

No specific assistance is offered to relocate spouses. However, Gipuzkoa Talent offers a location service, which gives high-quality advice and/or information administration on administrative and integration in Gipuzkoa (housing, education, healthcare, free time, etc.) to organizations and researchers, technicians, professionals and post-doctorate students (including their families) who have come to the province of Gipuzkoa to work. This is a free service.