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Etorkizuna Eraikiz Building the Future

How we will achieve the goal of making of Gipuzkoa one of the regions in Europe with less inequality between its inhabitants.

Uncertainty about the future is a constant concern of citizens, uncertainty about employment, quality of life, the future of work and welfare in our region. A lack of certainty expanded in a global, interconnected context.

Markel Olano
Markel Olano
Deputy General of Gipuzkoa
  Etorkizuna Eraikiz responds to the need to change the way of doing politics to get closer to the people

Anyone who knows how to anticipate future demands will be better placed in the starting blocks in the race for social welfare.

Aging, new volunteering models, cybersecurity, electromobility, worker participation in the company, gastronomy 4.0 and the audiovisual industry in Basque are some of the challenges that Etorkizuna Eraikiz will address.

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A model for detecting our next goals, designing ways to achieve them and trying them out in real environments, in order to draw conclusions and be able to apply them to the rest of Gipuzkoan society, a laboratory for designing and test driving our future now. Etorkizuna Eraikiz is a change in the way of doing politics. It forces institutional representatives to involve organisations, companies, associations, universities and, of course, all of the people living in our region to find new answers with Gipuzkoan values that identify us and have brought us to this point.