Town Councils

Analysing budgets

Time to get working!

In order to analyse the budget of your municipality, you should follow these steps:

Select the following in the previous website:

  • Budgets. Comparison
  • Data Type: Data of the entity
  • Year (whatever year you choose)
  • Municipality (yours)

Click on Show data !!!

Let's analyse the euros per person !!!

  1. Look at the first column. Click on the magnifying glass.
    1. What items appear under income and expenses? Do you understand them all? Find information on what each of them means (or ask your teacher).
  2. Now look at the second column:
    1. What is the total sum of the income?
    2. What is the total sum of expenditure?
    3. What can you conclude?
  3. Now, look at the figures in the third and fourth columns. The average for the different items (income and expenses) in other municipalities similar to yours is shown in the Strata section (fourth column):
    1. Compared to other similar municipalities, are income and expenses per inhabitant higher or lower in your municipality?
  4. Make a similar comparison between your municipality and Gipuzkoa (third and fifth columns), where you can see the average for all these items throughout the province:
    1. What are the income and expenses of your town like compared to the average for Gipuzkoa?

... If you want to find out more about different aspects of your municipality's budget, go back to the Budget Information page and click on the different buttons!!! You can also compare different municipalities!!