Basque Government

Departments - Public Governance and Self-Government

Functions and areas of activity

  1. Relationships and communications with the Parliament, the Commisioner of the State (ombudsman) and other institutions.
  2. Secretary´s office.
  3. Official Gazette of Basque Country.
  4. Administrative functions assigned to the Government in the subject of Local Administration.
  5. Associations ruled by general law, Foundations and Professional Associations (register, protectorate).
  6. Public innovation, paying special attention to the use of the new technologies in the Administration and Government, transparency, citizens´ participation and good governance.
  7. Set of rules related to organization and procedures of the Basque Public Administration.
  8. Central Legal Service of the Basque Government.
  9. Checking the internal normative; developing law, including the conservation, adaptation and development of the Basque Civil Law.
  10. Self-Government development politics and coordination of the Department actions.
  11. Defending the Statute of Autonomy.
  12. Basque Legal Adviser Commission, as the superior collegiate advisory organ of the Basque Autonomous Community´s Public Administrations.
  13. Human resources politics in order to provide public services of high-quality and being in constant evolution.
  14. Relationship and negociating with the representative of the staff (civil servants and other employees).
  15. General Inspection of the staff and services.
  16. Headquarters and buildings of the Administration.
  17. Multidepartamental services, filing system and publishing.
  18. Data systems, telephony, infraestructures and telecommunications services.
  19. Supporting the rest of the organs of the Department in subjects of the same nature.