Basque Government

Departments - Department of the President

Functions and areas of activity

  1. Assistance to the President in planning and coordinating the governmental action, and also driving and monitoring the Governmental Programme and its strategic programmes.
  2. Government´s spokesperson.
  3. Government information and communication politics.
  4. Social participation and direct information to the citizens by motivating the multimedia and communication new technologies.
  5. Social and institutional relationships.
  6. Representation and projection of Euskadi in other countries.
  7. The following Governmental Politics: European Matters, Cross-Border and Inter-Regional Cooperation, communities and Basque Centres.
  8. Cooperation and Development.
  9. In the subject of gender, equal opportunity politics.
  10. Directing and coordinating the assistance of gender violence victims.
  11. Promotion of Human Rights and Social Harmony.
  12. Victims and historical memory´s direction and coordination.
  13. Run Autonomous Bodies, private law public entities and assigned public partnerships.
  14. All other power allocated to it by law and regulations.

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