Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa

Departments - Governance and Communication with Society

Functions and areas of activity

  1. Provincial Council Governing Body Secretariat.
  2. Coordination of relations and communications between the Provincial Council, the Provincial Parliament and the Basque Ombudsman's Office.
  3. Internal control of legality, general legal consultancy and the representation and defence of the Provincial Council and its bodies in court.
  4. The Provincial Council’s powers in the field of municipal and supra-municipal demarcation, Provincial Register of Local Entities in Gipuzkoa and advice to municipalities regarding the issues referred to in paragraph i).
  5. Interdepartmental coordination in order to establish a legal calendar.
  6. The Provincial Council's powers as the body responsible for calling elections to the Gipuzkoa Provincial Parliament.
  7. Gipuzkoa Official Gazette.
  8. Publications.
  9. Public function, organisation and information systems, legal system and staff remuneration system. Local administration civil servants qualified to work at a national level.
  10. Vehicle fleet.
  11. Civil protection, fire prevention and extinction and search and rescue.
  12. Inter-departmental services.
  13. Registers of Activities, Goods and Interests in the Provincial Public Sector.
  14. Modernisation policies, corporate information and communication systems and e-administration.
  15. Coordination for transparency.
  16. Services and systems for fostering the Information Society.
  17. Citizen engagement.
  18. Foreign relations.
  19. All other powers corresponding to it under law.

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