The fight against fraud

What is being done in Gipuzkoa to combat tax fraud?

Every year the Treasury and Finance Department prepares a Tax Verification Plan, within the framework of the objectives and strategic lines of the 2020-2023 Strategic Management Plan entrusted to it.

The Treasury and Finance Department is the competent body within the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa for developing and executing the Economic Agreement, being the basic component developing policy and collecting taxes in the province.

In effect, regulatory capacity must be an instrument for achieving a better redistribution of wealth and for boosting the economy of Gipuzkoa, by generating security and stability for different agents.

In addition, the Economic Agreement must provide sufficient resources for the different institutional levels to ensure the sustainability of public services.

As a result, the Department’s objectives listed in the 2021 Tax Verification Plan are as follows:

— To track down and prevent tax fraud

— To administer an institutional financing model that will guarantee financial adequacy to shore up the public services which define the welfare state.

— To bring about budget stability and financial sustainability in the territory’s public sector by the end of the legislature.

— To improve compliance with tax obligations as a result of a greater understanding of the social value of contributions as guarantors of the welfare state and less social tolerance for fraudulent behaviour.

— To turn the tax system into a real tool for reducing economic inequality, putting fiscal and financial regulatory capacity at the service of economic development, employment and welfare.

— To turn the Department into a benchmark of modern administration in terms of technological organisation and innovation aimed at care for citizens and the fight against fraud.

In short, the Department’s main strategic objectives are aimed at achieving a model administration in terms of service and efficiency, aimed at a responsible, supportive society, in which tax fraud has no place.


What is being done in the Basque Country to combat tax fraud?

The Coordinating Body of the Basque Country for Tax Policy created in 2013 the Regional Commission of the Basque Country for the Fight Against Fraud.

The Regional Commission of the Basque Country for the Fight Against Fraud has, along with other functions, the developing of an annual Fight Against Fraud Action Joint Plan.

The Joint Plans include the coordinated actions to be carried out by the Regional Governments of the Basque Country which had been previously agreed by the Regional Commission for the Fight Against Fraud.

The Fight Against Fraud Action Plans or the Tax Verification Plans include the actions and priorities which have been agreed in the Regional Commission for the Fight Against Fraud and also the specific actions which are considered of special interest for each of the Regional Treasuries. For that reason, the specific plans in each Regional Government of the Basque Country may differ from those included in the Joint Plan.

The Regional Commission of the Basque Country for the Fight Against Fraud provides an annual report containing the results obtained from the actions developed along that year under the Fight Against Fraud Action Joint Plan.