Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa


Gipuzkoa is made up of all the different municipalities in the territory. The provincial government is responsible for the administration and general government of the territory as a whole. The people of Gipuzkoa elect their representatives to the Provincial Assemblies, who in turn elect the General Deputy from among their number. The seats of both the provincial government and the provincial assembly are in Donostia

The provincial government offers services aimed at all the population, including: aid in the area of social services (elderly people, people with disabilities, people in situations of poverty, victims of gender violence, etc.); public revenue dept. (tax management; roads (construction and maintenance); culture and sports promotion; youth services (holidays, etc.); public transport planning (cycle ways, etc.)

The Provincial Government has its budget and its income comes mainly from the collection of taxes.

And finally, here are a couple of questions to consider:




What would happen if there weren't enough money to offer all the services the provincial government of Gipuzkoa provides? What can and should we do to have those services?