What is TicketBai?

TicketBai is a joint project by all three of the Basque Country’s Provincial Councils and the Basque Government, which aims to implement a number of legal and technical obligations in such a way that, when the project comes into force, all individuals and legal entities carrying on an economic activity will be obliged to use a certain invoicing software package.

TicketBai will be deployed in Gipuzkoa on 1 January 2022, and will gradually be extended to all taxpayers with economic activities that are liable for tax in the Basque Country. The information obtained will be used to help taxpayers meet their fiscal obligations.


How does TicketBai work?

When a buyer purchases a product or a service, the invoicing programme that meets TicketBai's requisites will generate a file with all the tax information required to monitor the activity. Since this document has a connection to the Tax Department, it will be sent to the institution after the customer invoice has been issued. Meanwhile, the ticket for the purchaser will show that TicketBai is being used by means of a special code and a QR code, along with the information necessary to check that the invoice has been issued properly.

The new system will enable the Provincial Tax Departments to monitor revenue from economic activities, particularly activities in which customers are end consumers.


Link to: TicketBAI