Basque Government

Departments - Education, Language Policy and Culture

Time to get working!

  1. Sort each of the 12 policy areas and functions of this department under Education, Language Policy and Culture.
  2. Are you in a public, subsidized or private school?
  3. How much are the monthly fees at your school?
  4. Does your school receive grants or financial aid from the Basque Government?
  5. What are the different levels of education to age 16?
  6. From age 16 onwards, what options do you have to continue studying?
  7. What are the three universities in the Basque Country?
  8. List the most important features of each university.
  9. What are scholarships?
  10. What are the main activities in the field of language policy in the Basque Country?
  11. Do you know what Euskalterm is?
  12. What are the six working areas in the Department of Culture?
  13. Which two do you consider most important?