Indirect taxes

Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty (Tax on Capital Transfers and Documented Legal Acts) (OEZ / EJDZ) - Time to get working!

  1. Aitor has sold his car to Saioa for €8,000. Which tax, and how much should she pay for this purchase?
  2. Josune is looking for a house to start living on her own. Yesterday she saw one she liked in Erdiko Street, with a useful floor area of 80 square metres, priced at €148,000. She was very surprised to hear from her friend Amaia that she has to pay 4% in capital transfers tax. With regard to her questions:
  • What would you say? Is it true? Why?
  • How much does Josune have to pay in tax?
  • Under what conditions could she pay less than 4% in tax?