Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa

Organization of income and expenditures of money

Time to get working!

Examine these data and answer the following questions:

  • How much money did the provincial government raise in 2016 by means of taxes?
  • What tax raises most money? How much money did that come to in 2016? What percentage of the total proceeds are raised by this tax?
  • Which is the next tax that contributed the most? How much was collected by means of that tax? What percentage of the total does that represent?
  • We will now discuss how the money was distributed. Which institution received most money? How much was that?
  • How much did the other institutions receive? What percentage was received by these other institutions?
  • In addition to the money coming from taxes, what other sources of funding does the provincial government have? How much money was received in this way?
  • The money raised through taxes in 2016 was more than in 2015. How much more (as a percentage)?
  • Which service or department of the Provincial Government accounts for the largest part of the budget? How much money is allocated to that department?
  • Which department receives the next most money? How much does it get?
  • Make a list of the monies assigned to the different departments and sort them from highest to lowest based on the money they receive.